Ever lay awake at night because you just know you were meant to experience more out of your life, your relationships, your job, your free time?

Ever feel like inside you are this amazing person, caring, interesting, motivated, and productive, but somehow you just never feel your life matches who you are?

Ever turn to a number of self-help books that provide you with a quick boost of insight only to quickly fizzle away as soon as life’s challenges creep in?

Ever beat yourself up when you set out to make changes but you continue to make the same mistakes again, and again, and again?

Yeah.  Me too.

Wanna know how you can break this negativity cycle?


Welcome! I’m Jermaine, a teacher and scholar who helps people craving to living up to their best vision of themselves find their own inner “self-care coach” by getting connected to what motivates their actions and choices – the physical sensations of experience.  Through a combined approach of meditation, challenging but achievable step-by-step action plans, and a relentless focus on their “script,” I help people discover their own inner independent guide for discovering the experiences they lay awake at night craving.

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